Thankyou for the Tacos @ Tacombi

Opened in September of 2010, taco haunt Tacombi Fonda Nolita is soon about to celebrate its 1st birthday. I say congrats! The Mexican beach theme is perfected to Disneyesque standards. Yet, a kind of inherent grittyness, touching upon a rough streak in the Mexican heritage, evens out the balance.

A sleek taco hang during the day, Tacombi morphs into fiesta mode in the evening, chanelling a beach party wibe. The restaurant stems from what was initially Mexican taco-bus concept christened a Tacombi (derived from from Taco and the VolksWagen bus model Combi).

Started by entrepreneur Dario Wolos and with chef Aarón Sanchez as culinary wing man, the Fonda Nolita serves great tacos and a great experience. Seems reasonable to believe that the opening of the Elisabeth Street venue will be the beginning of a successful the Tacombi bus tour…The mantra of Peace, love and Tacos seems a great recipe for retail success.

Read a review in New York Magazine

See it for yourself:

267, Elisabeth Street, NYC


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