Cheap Monday @ Kronprinsensgade 7, Copenhagen

The Cheap Monday store in Copenhagen mimics the rugged decay of an apocalyptic cityscape – often featured in  Zombie flicks. However, the gloom and doom is balanced by a Sci-Fi/futuristic space note, with pyramidal shapes in semi-shiny metal throughout the layout. The combo is very BladeRunneresque – or is it best described by the hypothetical concept of an abandoned nuclear plant squeezed into a grannys apartment? The brand clearly does understand the ambient dimension of retail and dares challenge the general upbeat store design logic.

In tune with the times and its customers, the store embodies emotional complexity with a nod to melancholy, a melody so commonly flooding the ears and minds of urbanites, yet so rarely gets to scratch the glossy retail reality. Cheap Monday are rewriting some retail rules here.

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Make no misstake however, the conventional wrong may just be the contemporary right. The concept is designed by Swedish design firm Uglycute who have also recently designed the latest Cheap Monday Menswear store @ Selfridges in London.


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