Orange meets Beehive @ Moderna Museet Malmö

Walking into Moderna Museet Malmö you kind of get the feeling you´re walking straight into the fleshy pulp of an orange. The museum, a branch of the Stockholm mothership, resides in a century old brick-walled electrical station with a contemporary, cubical, bright orange extension. The museum opened in 2009 (the baby of architect team at Tham & Videgård).

Well inside, you will find shapes that mimic that of the beehive, with the recurrance of the hexagonal shape in the smart shop storage/display units as well as in the perforated metal walls. The intimate, cocoonlike ambiance in the gift shop/coffee shop stems from the low ceilings but is further accentuated by walls, floors, ceiling and all furniture being painted in the same glossy rich orange tone. The monochrome effect is great, the orange dominates in a way that makes the room feel ordered and tidy, despite the many functions (entrance, shop, café) co-existing in the relatively small space.

The wardrobe and toilet facilities are also drained in high octane glossy paint, this time: Canary Yellow. Once more, floors, walls, ceiling in zesty glossy monochrome. The cubical storage lockers – also yellow of course – are all marked with names of the superheroes of modern art. This evokes thought and curioisity, hence adds a certain conceptual depth to this small corner of the museum.

The exhibition spaces are more restricted to white-cube logic, hence does not pop like the reception space. I leave the orange beehive with an inspired, slight buzzy, head and an urge for orange juice… If that´s not influencial design I don´t know what is…

See it for yourself:

Moderna Museet Malmö
Gasverksgatan 22, Malmö


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