Anthropologie Philosophy

The Anthropologie brand and stores provide lots of inspiration with an abundance of creative attention to detail. Although a french twist on the spelling of the name, Anthropologie was first launched in Wayne, Pennsylvania back in 1992. The brand name evokes obvious association to the academic discipline of anthropology which is the “study of humanity” with main concerns of topics as “What are humans’ physical traits?” and “How do humans behave?” 

Given that Anthropologie is a recurrent winner of “Most popular Store” in New York City´s Zagat Shopping Guides, they seem to successfully apply the questions of antropology to the Anthropologie retail philosophy. On the website under “About us” i found some unusually spiritual mission statements:

Anthropologie offers a one-of-a-kind and compelling shopping experience that makes women feel beautiful, hopeful and connected”. We invite you into our world – whether it’s our store, website or catalog – with the hope you take a deep breath and explore until your heart’s content.

Although you enjoy the clever details and fine craftsmanship of our products, you come to us for more than that. You come to escape and to connect, to spend time and to make time. Complex as you are, you remain our inspiration and because of this, we endeavor to bring you an unimagined experience.

In 2012 Antropologie will celebrate its 20th anniversary. They could choose to stick over 130 candles into the birthday cake, as they currently have that many stores in the world. Of all stores, there are only 3 (in London and Edinburgh) located outside of the U.S and Canada. Hence, in spite of the French twist on the spelling of the brand name, there are yet no stores in France.

The established Anthropologie catalogue (launched in 1998) and the online store ensures a broader geographical range and future scalability. For the time being, Anthropologie creatively maximizes every squareinch of its physical retail space to impress its customers. As customers go home, the online presence is never far. A new online launch – The Anthropologist – supports “creative individuals” by displaying their work. The boomerang effect is evident, as the new lanuch further elaborates on inspirational and emotional aspects in the online sphere – aspects that are often overseen in the online race and that poses the true challenge in translating successful physical stores in to equally successful online ones.

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